About Me

I started off reviewing stuff in September 2010 and didn't know how it was going to go.

Gladly it went great and I have been reviewing things ever since.

Technology is a passion of mine and I love anything to do with it, which is why I went into reviewing it so that other people could hear my views and hopefully give them an idea of what they are thinking about purchasing or looking at.

I do it because I enjoy it, this is one of the main reasons I do it, I enjoy doing it and when you can use something that you enjoy as a job its perfect

"I do it because I enjoy it"

I am happy to take requests for reviews, tips or even some videos to go on my YouTube account.


Thanks for reading


Why become a regular visitor? 

On my website here at Rielly Reviews I have created a friendly environment in which you can engage and learn about the latest and greatest tech, you may find information elsewhere but not everywhere else targets you specifically, they think of users just like a big group, when in fact, not everyone likes the same things which is why I am allowing requests for reviews and tips.

If you are going into reviewing technology I can also feature you on my YouTube account for a bit of promotion for you.


Why Am I Doing It?

I do this because technology is a passion of mine and to help other people who are interested but not very well educated in technology to show them what and what not to buy.