Apple iPad Review

12/02/2011 17:48

The Apple iPad... Revolutionary or just another fad?


My answer to this, It may be different to other people's opinions but my answer is the Apple iPad is a revolutionary device which is just going to continue to grow...


To go into why I say this in more detail lets consider a few things.

The iPad is a tablet PC which features the famous multi-touch screen we have seen proudly placed upon the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The release of this huge 9.7" tablet device was on April 3rd,2010 and since then there has been 15 million units sold worldwide. Thats almost 1/3 of England's population!


Why is this device so popular?

Mainly because of the amount of things you can do on it, The huge 9.7" screen has beat the size of all other tablet PC's available and using the apps on an iPad which shows them in HD is just beautiful to use and I haven't used a tablet which feels so smooth when navigating around apps and even on the menu's sorry to all other competitors on the market but Apple have you beat on the smoothness at the moment. One of the main rivals of the iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab which only sports a 7" screen and below I have compared the 2 devices.


                                 iPad             l           Samsung Galaxy Tab


 Screen size:              9.7"             l                         7"


 Memory Sizes:  16gb, 32gb, 64gb  l   16gb, 32gb But supports MicroSD cards   


 Camera:                None               l    3.2MP Back camera, 1.3MP Front camera


 Weight:    WiFi: 1.5lb, 3G: 1.6lb     l                    0.84lb


 Sales:          Approx. 15million       l               Approx. 1.2million 


So as you can see, the pair are very different.

Personally the iPad wins overall for me and for another 14million people but why haven't they sold as many as they should have? I done a quick questionnaire and the main answers I received was that the iPad is overpriced, other competitors, can use an iPod Touch/iPhone for the same things, etc. And I agree completely with these answers, the iPad, Ok, it is great but then again the price is huge, The cheapest one is £500 and can ride up to a hefty £900+paying monthly!.

You can use the iPod and iPhone for the same thing but on the iPad it is shown on a larger scale which makes sharing pictures, movies and slideshows easier and better than ever.

Another answer I received was that the size is just too impractical which I have to disagree with because I have felt that the size was fine and although it won't fit in a standard pocket, There is clothes getting created specifically for the iPad... Crazy, I know! but people wanted this and they are getting this. It is also fine if you carry the iPad around in a backpack or normal bag.


So here I have only just scraped the surface to show you the ups and downs of having this device

Overall I would say that you should try one out because you may just love it so much that you have one but I would also say if you are going to get one, wait until the second version as it will be here in the next month.


A good product if you want to share and show off all the things you need to and if you like doing productivity on the go but if your using it for the same reasons for an iPod touch (Listening to music and playing the occasional app) then i'd say its not for you...

Try one out and see what you think...