Artske iPhone 3GS Skin

05/02/2011 11:52


Artske iPhone Skin Review

2011-02-05 10:57



I received the Artske Zoom iPhone skin from and loved the look and feel of the product.

the skin was not too large or too small and fit to my device perfectly, still giving full access to all of the ports.

The skin is a design made by Artske and all skins can be found at

The one that i reviewed is not available anymore but there is still a huge selection of skins to cover your needs.

On with the review

So what you are looking for in a good skin is...

No sticky residue left behind

- Easily Removeable 

- Easy To apply

- Good design

- Good price


Artske have ticked all of those boxes for me apart from the 3rd one down, Easy to apply.

whether that is just my ability or bad product design. I'm not sure but it did produce some rather noticeable folds and dents in the actual skin.

Saying that, the actual design of the skin is confusing yet awesome. I found that the folds were no longer noticeable as the design kind of made them camouflage.

Overall i am very happy with the product and would recommend you have a look at their products.