Case Mate Barely There iPhone 5 Case

19/11/2012 14:09

Hey everyone


Today we've got a review of the Case Mate Barely There, this case has a few nice features but as the name suggests, it's barely there.

I've tried a few other cases along with this one over the past few months and I've been most impressed with this one out of all of them which are in the £15-25 price band.


This case is a very simple case which doesn't have any fancy designs on the exterior of the case and it only sizes up to a minimal 1mm in size so as the name says, it's "Barely There".

I like this case a lot because it isn't obtrusive and lets you use your phone without adding much thickness to your lovely little phone.


It's not all plain though because if you take the phone out of the case you're greeted with a nice little design saying "Think Thin" which is a nice touch because it is a very thin case.

I think Case Mate have done a very good job with this case, I've been a fan of Case Mate for a while now as I use their cases on my iPads and previous generation iPhones.


As far as color goes you have a nice option of colors ranging from black (which I have) to lime green

What about how well it holds up to bumps? Well I've dropped my iPhone 5 a few times with this case on and it has held up perfectly so far without so much as a scratch on the case which is good because from past experiences the cases can actually shatter into a million pieces!


At the price of £20 from Mobile Fun you can't really go wrong, it's a cheap case with a lot of benefits.


I've tried this case against a few competitors which are similiar such as the Belkin Shield Sheer which is essentially a see through case but I've never really been a fan of those because they just look too cheap and easy to break.

I've also tried out a leather style case which has slots for your credit cards and driving license which is all well and good but what about if you lose your phone? you lose everything! to me that just isn't a good option and is wasted space on a case although I do like the idea of the screen being covered due to the flip out front.

So overall I'm very impressed with the Barely There so if you're looking for a cheap way to protect your iPhone 5 I would definitely recommend you go and have a look at this case!