Cygnett Lavish iPad 2 Case

06/04/2011 22:27

I received the Cygnett Lavish case for the iPad 2 from and in all seriousness, they have the best service for mobile, tablet and PC accessories out there! 

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Anyway on with the review!

So when I opened the package for the first time I felt the leather felt nice and smooth almost silky and I loved how that felt compared to my previous case for my iPad 1 which was rather a hard leather.

When I was placing the iPad 2 into the case it felt perfect as when I placed it in there was no open space for the iPad to move around as it was a perfect fit and placing the velcro strap around the back to keep the iPad in the compartment is just so simple yet effective to do.

It's definitely the best case I have ever owned for any device!


I can't help but notice that the cutout for the camera on the back of the case is a bit too large for its intended use and it is sometimes a bit hard to reach the lock button but they are about the only problems I have experienced with the case, all other cutouts are available in great positions which provide easy access to all ports.

The stylish line on the back is actually the fold for where probably the best feature of this case comes into play, the actual case can be used as a stand for the iPad as it has 3 separated joints inside the case for where the stand can be held from giving you 3 nice angles, 1 for typing and 2 for nice view of games/videos.

On the front of the case all thats there is a rather small Cygnett logo in the bottom right corner, it's engraved so no worries about any outrageous colors all over you're case.

A well worth buy in my opinion!


All in all I'm very happy with this case and would recommend it to anyone who has an iPad 2 and wants to protect it!

As I said the only problem is a rather big camera cutout and hard to reach lock button.

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