Griffin Elan Passport iPad Case

06/02/2011 22:01

 The Griffin Elan Passport case for the iPad has been a great accessory for me as it features full protection for the iPad, Front and back.


First some info:

Brand: Griffin

Model: Elan Passport

Device: iPad

Price: £18 (Cheapest Price)



This case is made out of complete leather on the outside and a nice felt design on the inside which gives off a nice feel to it to make it a variation between the two materials.

What is special about this case is that there is 4 slots on the inside of the case to hold items at such size of a credit card. perfect for those who need to carry all these cards and have quick access to them.

The way the iPad is held in is by using 4 leather hooks on the corners of the inside and when the iPad is securely in it feels so strong in that position you wouldn't think it would be possible for it to fall out, the hooks don't obstruct the ports apart from the microphone at the top which is my only complaint about the hooks.

The way you lock the case is by using a leather slide which fits into a leather loop and therefore holds the case closed. although this is the intended idea, I have had multiple problems with the case gathering dust and leaving a line down the iPad's screen from the design of the case. Which makes me need to have a cleaning cloth at easy access which isn't too much of a problem because I have the HAMA Microfiber cloth with me at all times.

On the front of the case there is the Griffin logo at the bottom left corner but it is not sharp on the eye so it isn't much of an eyesore but still easy to see.


Overall I am very happy with the case apart from the dust problem but I think you can over look that when you think about the price, materials, functionality and brand because when they all come into play its hard to shove this case off to the side when the only problem is a little bit, and i mean a little bit of dust on the screen.

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