iPhone 4S Bundle

26/02/2012 16:18

When I got my iPhone 4S I thought "hey, I'm obviously not the only one" so I decided that I would take a look at some accessories for the iPhone 4s so I started searching the web for different accessories when I came accross a pack of various great items on MobileFun.co.uk


https://www.mobilefun.co.uk/the-ultimate-iphone-4s-accessory-pack-black-p33402.htm is the link to the webpage to see more.


Ok so let's get started.


So first off the most important thing in there for me was the two stands for the iPhone.


First off we have this stand which is a very nice metal stand which feels good in the hand and is overall a great design

I was very impressed by this stand as it feels like it glues the stand to the iPhone but infact it uses rubber to help stick to a phone when it has a case on it which I'll come on to later.


Next up we have the mini portable stand which you can fit in any pocket and it works great and you can use your phone in whatever position takes your fancy.

Using a suction end we can join the phone and stand together to use a sturdy ball as a stand and I was very impressed with it simply because of how portable it is yet still so reliable.


We then come to the case which I mentioned before, of course you are going to want to protect that sexy little phone you've got and to do this you need a case, although this case is very basic, it provides simple protection so if style is what you want you may want to buy another case from somewhere else like I did.


Another amazing piece of equipment in here is the car charger and car stand.


This I'm keeping until I can drive but we have used it in my parents car and they said that the functionality of the product is astounding and how well made it feels etc. So from a drivers point of view it comes in very handy.


And last up we get a nice little screen protector to help regain protection yet still be able to feel the natural feel of the phone it'self.


Now I can tell you one thing... for all of this package all you are going to be paying is 20 quid that's right! £20!! that's amazing! to get half of this stuff on it's own would be way more than that so in my eyes this is a must have to accomodate your nice new phone! :)




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