Laptop Buying Tips

05/02/2011 11:53


Wanting a laptop?

2011-02-05 10:44



I have been asked now, "Lee, what is a good laptop for me?" and I always respond with the same way and to save time of you asking and me answering, I thought i would create this note and you can read it.



1)  What do you want to use it for

This is probably one of the key questions you need to ask yourself. "What am I going to use it for?". Usually people will say 1 of the following:-

- Gaming

- Browsing the web

- Homework

- FaceBook

- Productivity

They are the main answers I receive.


2) How much are you willing to spend?

Another main question here, You need to have a budget in which you would like to purchase your laptop for.

Main ones are:-

- £0-£250

- £250-£500

- £500-£1000

- £1000+

The main range is usually £250-£500 because for a standard home personal use computer, you don't want to be paying much more.

However, if it is for professional usage such as video/photo editing and other multimedia servicing you may need to spend more money on a higher spec computer.


3) What screen size you would want

Probably the least important point of them all but it still needs to be there. many people actually find screen size quite an issue as they can find themselves in a position where the screen is either too big or too small and it is hard for them to use it as a compact device.

The most common screen size range is usually 13" - 17"


4) How much memory are you going to need?

Although not too important, people still need to know how much space they are going to have on their computer for mandatory things such as programs, music, pictures and documents. 

I say not very important because you can buy external hard drives which can go right up to 8TB!! no worry of running out of space there!

Most common space needed is 250gb-500gb


5) Where to buy it from

When buying a laptop you have to know where to buy it because there are some very bad and unreliable websites out there which their only aim is to con you out of as much money as possible.

Some good websites to buy laptops from:- /

and of course the brand's actual homepage


So, some recommendations

I own a Sony Vaio laptop which can be seen in my room tour video but thats beside the point.

Some of the best laptops for under £700 are just listed below with different specs to meet your needs:-


Lenovo ThinkPad Edge - £499


Dell Inspiron 1564 - £587


Sony VAIO VPCEB1S0E/WI - £596


Packard Bell EasyNote TM98 - £599



For gaming though you are probably thinking you need to get at an Alienware laptop which is not always the case, have a look at the ones below but it is going to be £1000+ for a good one


Alienware M17x - £2000


Asus G73JH - £1,780


MSI GX660R - £1,699


Toshiba Qosmio X500-128 - £1,299


Alienware M11x - £1,184


I hope this has helped, chat to me or send me a message for any questions or queries