Laptop essentials for anyone travelling

11/08/2011 21:24

 Are you someone who travels a few times or more each year and take your laptop along? if yes then you are probably like me and have a few wires and things to carry along with you and a lot of the time this can take a lot of room up in your luggage which is why GearZap (the sister site of MobileFun) are selling this amazing package which features a huge amount for a tiny cost!


What can I expect in this "pack"?

Well you can expect certainly a bang for your buck because in this little pack you get...

1x USB LED Reading Light

1x MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth
- For cleaning laptop screens of dirt and grease

1x All-in-one USB 2.0 Card Reader
- Plug-and-play and hot swapping capability
- Fast data/file access
- Supports: CF, CF type-II, Micro Drive, SM, SD, XD, Mini SD, RS-MMC and memory stick; PRO, MS, Magic Gate, Memory-Stick Duo, Micro SD (Adaptor Required/ Not included), M2 (Adaptor Required/ Not included)

- 4x Port slim USB v2.0 hub.
- USB cable folds inside hub when not in use

1x Wireless Mouse
- RF 27Mhz wireless mouse
- Small USB reciever stores inside mouse
- Scroll wheel
- Requires 2xAAA battery (not included)

1x VOIP Headset
- Compatible with Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, iChat

1x Retractable USB Mobile Phone Charger

Includes connectors for: Sony Ericsson Fastport series, iPod/ iPhone 3G series, Samsung G600 series, Nokia Micro USB series, Nokia 2mm series and Mini USB series 

So as you can see you get a hell of a lot and at the small price of £26.52 you can see that this lot is certainly a deal because a lot of this stuff would cost that on their own!


So why should you go for this item then? because you simply have this small pack which features everything that you possibly need (apart from the laptop) and because it's such a low price makes it extra special because I know for certain that a lot of people would pay around £100 for something this good!

I've used this on a few recent travels and have came to the conclusion that I will continue to use it whenever I go anywhere away from home simply because of the kind of work I do (reviewing) I need a lot of that stuff and my family certainly appreciate not having to take their mobile chargers because of the wide range of variety in the pack.


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