My Top 5 Free Apps

07/02/2011 16:46

One of the most notable features of Apple's devices is the ability to download a vast range of apps directly from their very own App Store.

These can be paid for or free but one thing's for sure, there is some very good ones out there which don't cost a penny so just because they are free, doesn't always mean they are bad!

Ok, so in this post I will be focusing on the free apps available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod 


At number...

5) TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is an app created for the iPhone and iPod Touch to give Twitter users a great and easy way to access their twitter account.

Whether they are "Tweeting" or just browsing through other's posts there is something on there for every Twitter user. Definitely worth a look!


4) QRCode

QRCode is a free QR code reader available for the iPhone and iPod Touch and because technology is moving so quick, so is the way we transfer messages and links to eachother, One new example of transferring information across the internet is using QR Codes whether it is to take you to a link or even just to give a message. All you do with the app is hold the camera up at the code and it will transfer it into something readable/viewable.


3) Stick Golf

Stick Golf is a game available for the iPad and features basically a golfer and his ball. your objective is to get the ball in the hole (obviously) but in this game it is very hard to get under par on some of the courses (yes, i say courses because there is LOADS) I love this game and would recommend to anyone with an iPad.


2) Angry Birds (HD or Normal)

Angry Birds is an app which is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and is one of the most well known apps to have ever hit the app store one reason for this is because of the beautiful smoothness from the high FPS and graphics which make the game a complete all round hit. there is free versions of angry birds and these are the ones I am talking about here, the full game costs 59p for iPhone.


And at number one.

It took me a while to think of number one as there is so many great apps out there available and I have finally came to a decision.


1) Fruit Ninja Lite

My favorite app at the moment is Fruit Ninja Lite on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch the reason it is my favorite is because the pure greatness of the game just expresses itself through the physics and functionality of the game and features you slicing fruit and avoiding the bombs. you can slice anyway possible and unlock different blades as you move along throughout the game. A pure excellence of a game and would certainly recommend it!