Samsung YA-SBR510

02/05/2011 22:29

 If you're looking for a great speaker for your home, whether it's a desk or just on a standard table, don't want to spend hundreds of pounds? Then look no further...


This speaker is only going to set you back £35 if you order soon as it's on sale from £100, not a bad discount huh? 


It maybe from 2008 but honestly, it looks like it's a brand new design, model and make. Although Samsung have been known to make a few mistakes in their products, this is not one of them moments as what they have done with the YA-SBR510 speaker is so sensational and how they have made this speaker back in that time is unbelievable, it could blow some of the current models out of the water. What they have done is to make it so it's as easy and as great to use as humanly possible. For starters the buttons on the front of the speaker? Ha! who uses buttons? they are of course touch sensitive controls for the On/Off and volume controls. There are various other amazing features about this speaker, some of them are the built in bluetooth, giving you the option to connect to a huge number of devices including Apple's iDevices wirelessly, you also have the option to connect via USB, Aux and Optical.

The built in motion sensor is fantastic as it senses when you leave the room and will pause the music and go to sleep and when you re enter it will start up again to play from where you left off!

There is also a nice wave light which sits directly on the front to give a nice sense of relaxation whilst listening to your favorite music.


How many channels does this speaker have I hear you geeks say... The answer is a staggering 3 channels to produce various angle music direction so you don't miss a beat!


Overall I am amazed at this speaker and for £35 (Less than a video game!) you can't go wrong. Links are down below for more information.

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