Should I buy an iPad?

05/02/2011 11:49


Should I buy an iPad?

 In a short answer, Maybe


I would recommend one if you are mainly going to use it for productivity and checking emails.

I use mine to check email, play games, listen to music, surf the web and create notes on the go.

If your going to use it for that then yes, this is the product for you.

Although many people say "Oh, its simply just an oversized iPod Touch" It really isn't and one way I can prove this is to let you know what the differences are between the two.

OK, Yes, i know they both have some of the same features such as the music app, videos, apps, safari and other utilities but the iPad is so much more than this.

The reason I say that is because you can do all of these things using a beautiful multitouch experience on a HUGE 9.7" screen which does NOT support the retina display which is featured on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g.

It is obviously better for watching videos because of the huge screen and sharing videos, pictures and slideshows have never been so good as it is on the iPad, there is a reason all of the other companies are creating tablets and being tagged "the iPad killer" because the iPad stands out above all.

If someone says, "I want a tablet computer" what are you going to think of straight away? I'm guessing you said the iPad.

One thing I cannot stand is people making judgements like that when they have never used one or know a thing about it. To them, its an oversized iPod because thats what they want it to be. 

I recommend you go to either an Apple store, PC World, Currys or Comet and TRY IT OUT, you never really know what your getting without trying it out first.


If your thinking about getting one cheap, Wait for a couple of weeks until the 2nd generation iPad is out and the 1st will hopefully become a little bit cheaper. 

But if you want one with camera's and an improved iOS, then definitely wait for the iPad 2, I know I can't wait for mine...