SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker

07/07/2012 15:17

When I recieved the SoundWave SW50 I was a bit skeptical on how good it would be for £19.95 as you would be, pretty cheap, pretty small and a pretty small brand but when I seen the box I was very happy with the way the box design was, showing the speaker in an open section with nice basic packaging below!


When it came to connecting my iPhone 4S to the speaker I had a bit of a problem at first actually picking the speaker up on my bluetooth page after 3 attempts it still wasn't working so as a guess I thought I would try taking my case off my phone and it worked straight away so when you're connecting try it without a case!


As I said earlier the speaker is a bluetooth speaker so any device that has bluetooth will connect to this whether it be an iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC/Mac etc. it should work but if you don't have bluetooth don't worry you can connect a standard AUX cable and get the same results!


So now that I'm connected via bluetooth it was time to choose my track to test and whenever I review a speaker I always test the same song so I can compare the quality/volume etc. (I don't use Lady Gaga, this is just the image - supplied by Mobile Fun)


So the speaker started playing and straight away I was amazed. The quality from such a tiny device is absolutely amazing! I was blown away (not literally) but yeah, it's fantastic sound quality and the volume... WOW! It's incredible we had no problem hearing the sound outside when people were cutting grass and talking we could still hear it and with the 10m distance between the device and speaker you won't be disconnecting anytime soon!


Battery life is also pretty good, the SW50 boasts a very nice 3 hours of battery life with an indicator on the iPhone to show you how long you have left so you don't need to guess how long you've got left.

The build quality of this product is pretty good too! it's all plastic (apart from the rubber feet) but it doesn't feel like cheap plastic it feels like it's pretty durable for when you're out and about.


Also another nice feature is that you can answer calls through the speaker because it also has a built in microphone!


As you can see from all of the images provided (by Mobilefun) you can have the speaker in either black or white so you can choose depending on your preference!


I'm still amazed that the speaker only costs 20 quid! It's an absolute bargain for the money!


For more information on this speaker head to - SoundWave SW50

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