Griffin A-Frame iPad/iPad 2 Stand

15/06/2011 16:26

 When looking for an iPad stand you want something that's durable, strong and good looking... Fortunately the Griffin A-Frame does them all for me :-

Durable because it has a well made design and looks like a long term option

Strong because it's made of a very hefty aluminum structure

Good looking because it's simple yet looks professional.


I've just covered the basics there but to be honest, to review an iPad stand can prove to be quite difficult haha.


Ok, so when you first receive the package you think you've ordered something else because it is quite heavy and doesn't feel like it could be a stand!

you open up the package to find a metal A with some paper around it, that's how it gets the name A-Frame because it's shaped like an A!

although the packaging itself isn't amazing... it's not the packaging I'm reviewing!

The product it's self features a very nice, smooth metal hinge which controls the back stand leg to have it at whatever angle you feel necessary,

you can even lay the stand down and use it as a stand for typing on the ipad and it uses the bottom support as a wrist support so you don't get wrist ache from typing.


If you're wondering if this stand is just for holding your iPad in place... You're wrong because it features a big gap on the back for you to place Apple's 30-pin Dock USB wire so you can charge it while it's just sitting there on your desk!


If you're worried about your device getting scratched up, don't worry because it features rubber protection for the parts where the iPad is exposed to the stand, it also has rubber feet so it won't slide on the table and won't scratch the surface!!


All in all I'm very happy with this product the only flaw is that using the back leg is a little bit restricted but to be totally honest, that's the only flaw about it!

This retails at approx. £30 on MobileFun (Links Below)


I want to thank MobileFun for sending this out to review!

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