MUJI Cardboard Portable Speaker

09/02/2011 16:10

 First of all. Thanks to MUJI for sending this item over review.

Basically. the item is a portable speaker made out of cardboard, yes, you read it correct. 

Well... The body is made of cardboard, the speaker is no more than the actual speaker attached on the side and fills a little bit of the inside but apart from that, you have a hollow inside and that is all there is to it.

Initially the first thought was "They will be easy to setup". Oh how wrong I was, I found folding the speakers into position quite a drag and quite a difficult thing to do, I must have been at it for around 10 minutes (Quite a long time for folding cardboard!) but when they were done. that was it. they then felt structurally good and sturdy although I was not TOO impressed with the volume but I must say that the sound quality was pitch-perfect.

The problem I had was the volume was not loud enough even when I had my iPhone on full volume it still didn't really shake the room, But if all you want is the speakers to let people listen who are close around then these are perfect.

Now obviously, this device is made for being compact as its foldable cardboard. so here is what you need to consider.

Great for being compact but not very loud so if you don't mind that then PERFECT for you.

Want something loud? Then I would say these aren't for you I'm afraid.

Some of the facts.

Maximum 2W Input Power



Used with 3.5mm jack