SD Tabletwear case for iPad With Smart Cover style front!

06/07/2012 19:05

"A protective case for your iPad 3 / iPad 2 with a Smart Cover style front built in." -

I believe this is true, in some cases...


The SD Tabletwear case is a very good case when you're out and about and in the house but if you're looking for something that will protect your iPad when you drop it look somewhere else.

I dropped my iPad (by accident) on concrete and it hit the corner, not expecting anything of it because it was in the full covering case I carried on with my day but when I got home and switched cases (yes I have one for around the house) I discovered there was a rather large chip out of my iPad, I was not happy in the slightest, if I get it repaired, it costs money... If I try and sell it, I lose money off the value so either way with that one drop I've lost atleast £30 off it!

When it comes to finding different angles to use the iPad in the case doesn't offer as many angles as other types of cases, this is due to the "toblerone" shaped cover you can either have it in a comfortable typing position or a stood up position for watching videos but I found I was in need of angles for when lying in bed, sitting in a seat or any other form of awkward angle.

On to the positives... I feel that the case is made from sustainable materials and does a pretty good job as an every day case but as I said earlier if you want some drop protection it's probably worth looking at another case but for every day use this case is great, I found when sitting at my desk the case suited me fine in the upright position and when I needed to type it was easy to just lay it down but just remember they are the only two angles you're going to get.


All cut outs are perfect I haven't found one that didn't do the job perfectly.


If you're interested in purchasing this case for less than £20 head to SD Tablet Case