Thinking of buying an iPad or an iPhone 4?

08/02/2011 16:37

 A lot of people at the moment are saying, "I want an iPad" or "I want an iPhone 4". all I can say to this is wait.

By the time you have bought your device and got used to using it on a daily basis, the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 will be out.

I have the iPhone 3GS and did NOT upgrade to the iPhone 4 purposefully because I didn't want to spend more money than I had to to get the iPhone 4 because I wasn't in need of a phone so I was happy to wait until my contract ends and i'm due an upgrade. So its easy for me to buy the iPhone 5 when possible. 

The iPad however is a different story.

I received mine at christmas 2010 and have loved using it. although they are not very popular in young people, people are still wanting one so they are thinking about buying the first iPad now. Why? well. the iPad 2 is going to be out very soon. My guess is in at most 2 months. So why not hang on because if you buy the iPad now, you are going to want the iPad 2 when it is out. Don't bother wasting money on one when you are going to get the next one. If you are not bothered about having the most up to date one, then sure, go ahead and purchase the older versions.

I will be getting the iPad 2 as soon as possible and cannot wait, I've only just got the 1st one and love it.

Final verdict?

Wait because there will almost definitely be something on the newer devices that you will want that these older devices won't have.

If you don't mind missing out on some features then go and buy the older version as it will be cheaper