When purchasing a new item...

20/02/2011 09:58

So the latest devices are out and you love the look of them or you just want them to stand out from the crowd, Whatever the reason chances are you are going to want something new.

Unfortunately tech is always evolving therefore as soon as you purchase a new item something else is going to come around the corner and you will want that... What do you do? do you keep the tech you bought or do you sell it and buy the new one?

Personally if I have bought a new bit of kit, I will make the full usage out of it and keep it until I am desperate for a new thing or this previous tech has broke and needs a replacement.

Another thing you need to consider when about to purchase a new item is the cost... What I mean by this is for example is when I purchased the iPhone 3GS. I could have waited and bought the iPhone 4 a couple of months later, The reason I didn't do this is because of one main reason, THE PRICE, Yes, the price is probably the biggest thing to consider because the new stuff is always going to be more expensive and at the time I didn't need the iPhone 4 as I was on a contract so I didn't like the fact of paying almost £500 for a new phone when I actually only paid £350 for the iPhone 3GS, Ok, Enough about that.

So although I can afford the latest tech, I don't generally go out and just buy something for the sake of it, I only buy stuff as I said, If I need it or if I am super-exited for it.

Ok, So you're at the shop and you're trying out the item and you love it, Truth is, Its always different using it outside of the shop. I would recommend doing what I personally do which is to read some reviews or watch some overviews on YouTube, Either way, Take a look into what you are buying BEFORE you buy.

You maybe thinking, It doesn't matter, I can just sell it on eBay. 

Yes you can but you don't always get a buyer for your item. for example. I purchased a camcorder, Didn't like it and tried to sell it on eBay for half the price and it was only 1 day old, Perfect condition etc, It didn't sell. That just shows that not everything can sell on there.


So overall.

I would say, Only buy if you need to or really want to, Don't just buy for the sake of it, Also remember to consider:-

1) Something else is going to be released soon after your purchase

2) Make your full usage out of it

3) The price will always be dearer for newer stuff

4) Although you can afford it, You don't have to buy it

5) You can sometimes find a better deal online so look around, Don't just buy in the first shop you see!